Social responsibility and social commitment are not just lip service. The KOINOR Horst Müller Foundation was founded in 2001. It is mainly supported by the company and its organizational basis was extended over years.

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Reference to the region

We want to use the foundation to actively accept social responsibility within our society. The foundation will primarily focus on the projects, institutions and needy people of our region. The regional connection is indeed an important concern of the foundation. Our goal is to make our home - our region - a more livable and lovable place and to set an on-the-spot example right here at home.

This is definitely an intentional statement in keeping with our philosophy of producing everything at our Franconian locations. And this also means putting special emphasis on the advancement of youth since an attractive region begins with the opportunities it offers its young people.

Purpose of the foundation

  • Promotion of projects covering the entire range of the charity spectrum. And under certain circumstances even in case of a single person
  • Support of inner-company assistance measures and projects
  • Promotion of education, young people and the gifted
  • Projects in the area of nature and the environment