Care and Cleaning

Care and cleaning

Cleaning and maintenance at regular intervals helps to retain the beauty and value of a piece of furniture since furniture is used every day and continuously subjected to soiling by dust and use.

Base care

Dust, loose crumbs or lint should be removed from time to time with a soft clothe or the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner. We recommend performing this basic care every 2 weeks.

Torough maintenance

The maintenance should be repeated at least twice a year. Don't use a steam cleaner. To clean the fabric use a mild detergent, liquid natural soap with no bleach or a pH-neutral soap (grease, oil and alkali).

Some fabric covers are made by Rohleder. The manufacturer grants a warranty of fife years for residential use on all usage and care properties. For all others care and cleaning products from the company LCK GmbH are checked and advised. (

Spot removal

The extent to which stains can be removed depends on the type, extent and age of the stain. Always treat immediately: Remove residues or wipe up with an absorbent cloth. Do not rub constantly on just one spot. This can damage the surface. We also recommend always cleaning one entire surface at a time (e.g., from seam to seam and from outside to inside). Use caution when applying special cleaning agents or spot removers. Unsuitable products (e.g., cleaning agents containing solvents with a gasoline, white spirit or alcohol base) may do irreparable damage to the material. All products should be thoroughly pre-tested on a hidden place. Use a clean cloth or sponge to apply the products correctly. 

With heavy soiling, sometimes only a specialist can help. Please remember that we must exclude inadequate or incorrect cleaning and care from the legally required warranty.  Our employees in customer support will be glad to recommend an upholstery service company near you. 
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