Decorative Seams

Decorative seams

Expressive seams are traditional, handcrafted details and sign special product quality. Regardless whether it’s a chain- or cross stitching, cord edge, 2-needle-, fell-, quilting-, hem-, open leather or selvedge seam: The combination of cover and visible seam appears especially precious. The combination of the cover and stitching details looks very precious. Decorative stitching should inspire the visual surface, to set a course and unterline contours. But seams are always both, decorative element and constitutive on the quality level. Of course they also contribute to the design and reinforce the seam area ideal.

It all deeps on the color

With some models which have a decorative seam with leather coverings, they can be made either with or without contrasting threads depending on what the customer wants. With fabric and microfiber coverings, manufacturing with contrast threads is not possible since the corresponding decorative seam is missing. If you want a sofa without contrasting thread, the seam uses a thread which goes with the color of the leather.

If you choose a product with contrasting thread, the seam uses a thread which contrasts with the color of the leather. It reinforces the desired decorative effect of the seam. Depending on the model, we have either selected the best-fitting contrast thread color for each leather cover color - they will be processed, while on the order is not explicitly a certain contrast thread color specified - or the contrast thread color can be freely chosen, for the relevant model. Currently 8 different contrast thread colors are available. We distinguish between the following two different stitches.