Invisible Technology

Functional adjustment with TOUCH IT

A technology that literally touches and is already integrated into many KOINOR models. Functionality made perfect: No more inconvenient adjusting of levers, no more buttons to press. Just one gentle touch and the triggered automatically. The secret of this new function, is a motor controlled by a button sensor located on the covering.

Never was technology more fascinating. Because it is invisible, it does not interfere with the look of the upholstered furniture. Instead TOUCH IT is proof that the multi-functionality of upholstered furniture no longer has to be visible. Understatement with an aesthetic touch..

LED floor-lightning

Put in perspective: We bring the sofa to light. For selected products we offer an under-floor light via LED. Especially floor-free models are excellently suited for the illumination. The colored lightning sets interesting light accents and emphazies the ambiance of the furniture. The gentle, even light is effectively, energy-efficient and shadowless reflected from the floor. It gives the furniture its own aura.

The illuminating diode beams optionally in 16 colors or four different effects of light variations with dim function, controlled by an user-friendly remote control. So the sofa becomes the star of the night.

Side tables with sound system

The new audio table of KOINOR provides a very special kind of enjoyment and is available for many models. Whoever wants optimal enjoyment of their favorite music over Smartphone or Tablet PC needs a separate, strong sound system. Side tables provide the initial aesthetic connection of upholstered furniture and practical storage space. They fold out to offer more storage room and ensure sufficient space within easy reach.

The audio version of these side tables now also provides for the right volume and tone quality of your private music collection in your living room - via a loudspeaker that is installed on the back of the table. This can be used to connect several audio input sources of sound. For example, music can be played via smart phones, tablet PCs, laptops, MP3 or CD players and, if these have blue tooth capability, even without any cables. Otherwise, signal transmission just takes place over the AUX input. Additional, permanent docking stations with integrated loading function are installed for iPhone and iPod and since the tables have an integrated player, music can even be played via the SD and USB connection which is stored on SD cards or USB sticks.

Recliner with massage function

As an option several of our recliners can also be equipped with an integrated massage function. The motor-controlled relaxation recliner becomes a wellness oasis when used with an electrical socket: It combines wonderful seating comfort with professional relaxation and acts like a regenerative cure.

The built-in massage unit with 7 oscillating devices is divided into 5 ergonomic massage zones: 3 zones along the spine and 2 zones along the legs. It uses vibration in the frequently excessively stressed areas of the shoulder, back, lumbar vertebrate, thighs and calves for pleasant muscle relaxation and an increased feeling of wellness. A wonderful feeling not only after a busy day at the office! Five massage programs are available whose succession of vibrations generates pleasant waves. The speed of the waves can be regulated and the intensity of the massage can be set for your own programmed massage profile tailored to your own needs - in 5 stages and individually for every massage zone. Individual zones can even be completely ignored so that the massage of individual body members and any combination of active massage zones is possible. An approximately 6-minute automatic program combines the different programs with alternating intensity.