Frequently asked questions

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How do I find further information on a certain product?

There are two ways to view further information on one of our products. Either search under PRODUCTS with the navigation system or enter the desired article in the search field.

Unfortunately, we are not able to show all available products on our website. Our collection includes such a large number of models that we always only show one current excerpt. We hope you understand.

Where can I purchase KOINOR products?

KOINOR upholstered furniture is only available at selected dealers. We want to point out that we do not offer warehouse or special item sales.

Our Dealer Search makes it easy to find a KOINOR dealer near you. You can also take a look at most of the collection at our 3,000 square meter Showroom in Michelau, Upper Franconian [DE].

What guarantees do I get?

You have a two-year guarantee period on KOINOR products as required by law.

Whom do I contact for complaints?

In case of complaints, please contact the furniture dealer from whom you purchased your product.

What kinds of leather exist?

There are three different categories of leather based on surface texture and how the leather reacts to actual everyday use: pure aniline leather, semi-aniline leather (slightly pigmented leather) and covered leather (pigmented leather). Our Leather Collection is particularly versatile and offers a wide variety of qualities in all three categories.

Leather is cold, isn't it?

This is just a preconceived idea due to a single kind of leather that does in fact feel a little colder the first time you touch it. It is called pigmented leather and its surface is refined with additional dye pigments. That gives it a uniform look and makes the leather less sensitive. However, this procedure also closes the individual leather pores. It's a little like applying make-up. Breathing activity is reduced. Air exchange with the surroundings is more difficult. And that's why the temperature adjustment (e.g., when you put your hand on the leather) takes a little bit longer. In contrast, pure aniline leather with its completely open pores warms up immediately.

Don't jeans rub off on upholstered furniture?

If the clothing is not color-fast, there is a danger of the color rubbing off on things. Unfortunately our much-loved jeans belong in this category, too. The dye (indigo) used to color jeans cannot chemically combine with the color fibers. It only adheres to the surface and, when touched, tends to "migrate" (i.e., release some of its color). That's why colors sometimes rub off particularly on light-colored fabric or leather coverings. This is not reason for complaint and all the more reason to be very careful with your jeans and new textiles.

Is impregnation necessary after purchase?

No. All coverings in the KOINOR Collection are ready for use and meet the high quality standards of the "Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel" (German Association for the Assurance of Quality). Despite this, you may be offered additional inpregnation. For Cleaning and Care we always recommend the products of the LCK company. These products have been subjected to intensive testing and are optimally adapted to our products. In contrast, untested products may harm the coverings and cause irreparable damage to texture and color. That's why we honor no warranty claims whatsoever when care products have been used which were not recommended by us.

What signs of wear may appear?

Not infrequently upholstered furniture is in actual use for several hours a day. The upholstery is also subject to the influences of its surroundings. That's why signs of everyday use are very natural and unavoidable. That applies to the Seating Firmness and the Covering.

What causes dimensions to vary?

The upholstering trade is a handicraft and also manual work with human hands. Very soft materials are also used for the upholstery. That is why dimensional tolerances are unavoidable and all specified dimensions are approximate dimensions.

Do differences in seating comfort exist?

How comfortable you feel when sitting on a sofa depends primarily on the upholstery and its proportions. But there is no universal definition of seating. Upholstery is done loosely or tightly depending on the particular model. The softer the upholstery the more you sink into the sofa. In contrast, it is easier to stand up or sit down with firm upholstery. You don't sink in as much. And its look is clear-cut and distinct. It's a question of your own personal taste. That's why we recommend an extensive period of "test sitting".