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Leather with matt and slightly glossy surface, slightly sanded
1,4 - 1,6 mm thick

A-INDIA is a robust, particularly decorative buffalo leather of Indian descent that has a thickness of between 1.4 and 1.6 mm and an unmistakable air of individuality.  The leather is treated with a mineral-based tanning process. The primary colors are created with transparent dyes in the barrel. A-INDIA is intended to set accents, however, and look worn from the very first day. Vitality and naturalness are what is important here. That is why additional darker pigments are applied to the surface and then rubbed by hand for an irregular appearance. This creates greater color differences in the material. In addition, the original surface remains partially visible with all its signs of nature and growth and retains the active breathing of aniline leather. A compact, robust leather is created with an authentic "used and vintage" look. The interplay between colored and naturally matt surfaces mirrors the natural aging process. As time passes, the artificially generated patina is then strengthened by actual signs of use. A-INDIA is flame-retardant.

We test all our leathers for their functional characteristics and fulfillment of the DGM quality guidelines RAL-GZ 430 “Allgemeine Güte- und Prüfbestimmungen für Möbel” (general quality and test specifications for furniture): A-INDIA fulfills the strict requirements as follow:
Light-fastness: min. level 3   |   Rubbing fastness: min. level 3

We intentionally process all natural and growth marks including open places – regardless of the particular piece of covering or the character of the feature. Only real faults which might negatively affect the quality of the leather are left out of the covering.

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