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Nappa leather with slightly glossy surface
0.9 - 1.1 mm thick

A-SOFT is a covered, slightly glossy nappa cowhide leather with a thickness of 0.9 – 1.1 mm. The leather is pre-dyed in the barrel with transparent dyes. The surface of A-SOFT is also totally pigmented during the manufacturing process to give it permanent protection against the environment. This protective layer of dye refines and equalizes the surface. The leather’s pores are visibly closed and most of the natural characteristics of the hide are covered. As a whole, the leather looks more uniform; a robust and very easy-to-care-for material is created with a particularly high practical value for numerous application areas. An outstanding feature of A-SOFT is the tasteful two-tone effect that accentuates the natural origin of the material. Another characteristic of this leather is also the particularly soft feel of the furniture leather that is created by certain special processes during tanning and dressing. Light, natural imprinting ensures an attractive, homelike look without affecting the quality of the leather.

We test all our leathers for their functional characteristics and fulfillment of the DGM quality guidelines RAL-GZ 430 “Allgemeine Güte- und Prüfbestimmungen für Möbel” (general quality and test specifications for furniture): A-SOFT fulfills the strict requirements as follow:
Light-fastness: min. level 5   |   Rubbing fastness: min. level 4

We process natural and growth marks based on the particular piece of covering and the character of the feature. Only real faults which might negatively affect the quality of the leather are left out of the covering.

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