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Leather with matt surface, slightly sanded for nubuck effects
1 - 1,2 mm thick

The leather is slightly roughened on the grain side, so that the natural grain pattern can still be clearly seen and a soft, smooth feel is created. The nubuck effect provides for muted, matt colours which blend more harmoniously into the overall look. With a very wide range of colours covering all the new, fashionable colours, there is nothing left to be desired. The surface of the leather is slightly roughened. The natural skin structure is preserved with all its natural and growth characteristics. C-REVOLUTION has a matt appearance, is particularly soft and has a very high breathability, as the open leather structure guarantees an unhindered temperature and moisture balance. This structure also requires a particular depth in understanding of the material, however, as the leather lives through use and gains in appeal. Mechanical stress and foreign particles give it an elegant patina even after a short use. Heavily used areas lay flat and take on a fine sheen. C-REVOLUTION reliably meets the strict requirements of the Deutschen Gütegemeinschaft Möbel - DGM (German Association for the Assurance of Furniture Quality).

We test all our leathers for their functional characteristics and fulfillment of the DGM quality guidelines RAL-GZ 430 “Allgemeine Güte- und Prüfbestimmungen für Möbel” (general quality and test specifications for furniture): C-REVOLUTION fulfills the strict requirements as follow:
Light-fastness: min. level 3   |   Rubbing fastness: min. level 3

We intentionally process all natural and growth marks including open places – regardless of the particular piece of covering or the character of the feature. Only real faults which might negatively affect the quality of the leather are left out of the covering.

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