Nappa leather with matt surface
3 - 5 mm thick

N-NATURO is an earthy, naturally tumbled, thick, luxury leather with an unusual material thickness up to 5 mm. Selected, top-quality hides are needed for leather of this quality. The cattle that KOINOR thanks for their approximately 5 square-meter hides all come exclusively from Europe. Only the hides of particularly strong and heavy bulls are used. That’s why they are so rare and valuable. N-NATURO is processed without splitting or embossing. Nothing has changed the natural surface of the material. All pores remain open. The material radiates warmth and is particularly breathable. The robust full-grain leather shows its original scars, a striking, coarse scarred surface structure with rustical charm which is still further accentuated by the extensive work. Neck and fat ridges come into their own for an expressive look. Many natural and growth characteristics demonstrate the authenticity of the special material. N-NATURO also surprises with its softness and outstanding pliant features which are unusual for the thickness of the material. The leather is voluminous and has an expressive, velvety “fat grip.”

We test all our leathers for their functional characteristics and fulfillment of the DGM quality guidelines RAL-GZ 430 "Allgemeine Güte- und Prüfbestimmungen für Möbel" (general quality and test specifications fur furniture). N-NATURO fulfill the strict requirements as follows:
Light fastness: min. level 3   |   Rubbing fastness: min. level 3

We intentionally process all natural and growth marks – regardless of the particular piece of covering or the character of the feature. Only real faults are left out of the covering.

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Please note: The very thick leather N-NATURO requires very special processing: a high degree of experience, understanding of the material and a great deal of craftmanship knowhow. We only use N-NATURO for a few models. PURE is the upholstery collection made by Koinor, that is entirely dedicated to this finest leather. If it is possible to produces other models from the PURE-collection in this leather musst be proofed in single case. Please ask our costomer management 
under phone +49 (0) 95 71 / 89 24 20.